Kiwi Co. Crate Subscription Review

Today I want to talk about an educational subscription box service we recently tried called Kiwi Co.! As a homeschool mama I am always on the hunt for fun and convenient activities to keep the kids learning and engaged. We’ve tried other subscriptions in the past and they always get so excited when they see that package come in the mail with their name on it and get to do a project that’s just for them. I’ve been researching Kiwi Co for a while now and recently got the opportunity to try out FOUR of their different box options in the different age ranges of my kiddos!



One of the things I loved most while going through these crates with the kids, was seeing how well the content of the boxes matched with their age ranges and kept them engaged. All my kids were at the bottom or below the suggested age range and needed just a little guidance, but for the most part could handle the activities. Overall we absolutely loved them and plan on getting more! See my full review in the video below {or scroll down for written Review.} Also see the videos below in this post of each of the kids working on their boxes!



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  • Designed for ages 9-16, to grow creativity.
  • Completed by Hayden, age 7


  • Designed for ages 5+. “Hands-on fun to explore art, science, and engineering”
  • Completed by Audri, ages 5


  • Designed for ages 3-4
  • Completed by Will & Zoey, ages 3


    • Currently designed for ages 2+, but Kiwi Co. is working on filling that 3-24months range
    • Completed by Twins (16 months) & Cousin Tavi (2.5) : better fit for 2+



Enjoyability – Each of the boxes did a great job at keeping my kids engaged with the materials provided. They really loved working on their various projects and seeing the end results! The games that came in the Cricket (toddler) box were also very age appropriate

Educational Value – I love that every box comes built in with learning and facts both through the assembly and in the printed material. Plus it provides an easy starting point to discuss and research the themes of the boxes. We had several great conversations just from questions that came up along the way!

Affordability – The boxes run from $16.95 to $19.95 per month, depending on how many months you buy at a time. This can obviously add up fast with multiple kids in different age ranges, but considering the actual price per box and the amount of materials in each box, I think this is a great value.

Quality – I was genuinely surprised at the quality of the items that came in the boxes and how long they were able to keep the kids engaged.


** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but do not receive any type of commission if you choose to purchase or do the free trial!

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