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Affordable, Candy-Free Easter Basket Fillers

With six kids, filling Easter baskets can add up SO fast, so I gave myself a goal this year to do the kids’ Easter baskets for under $10 each. I shopped a few stores, took advantage of some well-timed sales, and made a few activities of my own and ended up spending about $7.50/basket!



I posted yesterday about the activity sheets I designed, printed, and rolled up – you can read more about that process and download these for free HERE.



My first stop was Hobby Lobby, as they usually run deals on their seasonal crafts. They have a continuous 40% “spring” so I grabbed puzzles ($1.99 pre-sale) for the twins, and little games ($3.49 pre-sale) for the older 4. The puzzles were a bit big for the baskets, but I put them at a diagonal to barely make them fit in the baskets. They had quite a few other options as well!



I also found some affordable fillers at Walmart! The crayon packs, notebooks, and pencil packs were $1 each. I got each of the 5 younger kids a crayon pack + notebook, but thought they seemed a little kid-ish for my oldest. I ended up finding her the cute scented bookmark clips at Target on sale for $2.49!



I also scored some big bubble wands at Target at 6 for $5 as well as some clearance GoldenBooks for $1.79 each!



I started with the bubble wands and the rolled up activity sheets in the back, and worked my way forward. I tried to remove as much packaging as possible before adding things to the baskets. Having the colored wands also made it easier for me to keep track of whose basket I was filling as I went.



Overall I think they turned out pretty cute! Definitely very simple, but I figure they’ll get plenty of extra goodies in our annual Easter egg hunts!


Other cheap, non-candy basket-filler ideas:

Sticker Packs

Little Themed Erasers

Flash Cards

Marker/Crayon Packs




Nail Polish

Any other affordable ideas you’d add to this list!?

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