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It has been many years since I’ve done “Graphic Monday” around here, but today I want to share these activity sheets I made for the kids Easter baskets! We haven’t done filled Easter baskets in the past as we usually do egg hunts and filling 6 baskets can get expensive fast, but I had a goal this year to fill their baskets for under $10 each, and making these activity sheets was part of that goal.



I used some leftover jute twine we had from other projects (you can find it at Target for $3.50). I cut it into 8″ strips, which I thought would be long enough to tie little bows but it wasn’t… but I do like how the simple knots turned out.



I made 4 sheets per kiddo, which amounted to printing 24 sheets total. I used our Astrobrights paper that I also use for our homeschool printing. It’s a little bit thicker, which worked fine for rolling, but I wouldn’t try to use card stock if you want to roll yours up! I rolled the sheets the “long” way so they’d have more height in the baskets, and I was intentional about showing certain edged of each sheet like the tik-tak-toe, and “search-and-find” titles (totally preference!)



I’m really happy with how the print outs and baskets came together! Tomorrow I plan to share more about the baskets, which came out to about $7.50 for each set of basket contents!


You can download the activity sheets here:

BROhaha | Easter Activities

(This printable is for personal or church use only. No redistribution.)

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