Drywall, Texture, & Primer

The single biggest thing that has “held us up” on our renovations, as far as time goes anyways, is contractors. We were hoping to finish our renovations in about 3 months, but it’s going to end up being closer to 6 months. We did everything keep the process moving on our end, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do! Our drywall was completed before our Georgia trip, so I was hoping the texturing would be completed while we were gone, so we could start painting when we got home. No such luck. But obviously they got to us eventually and we were so excited to move on to the next step!

The video above was taken with the intention of sending to Wes, but I realized I didn’t take any pictures of the drywall before they textured. It probably does a much better job of showing the progress than pictures would anyways! Just excuse my quirky commentary :). After hanging the drywall, the drywallers had to tape & mud all the joints, then it was ready to be textured! The texturing was completed in two steps. The first step was to put a matching texture on the new drywall as the old, so that when the second round of texture went on everything it would all match. It came out wonderfully!

close up of the “knock-down” texture
Standing in the “dining room” with a partial view of the kitchen {left}, living area {middle}, and laundry {right}
same view after the primer was applied
primed kitchen and dining space {for some reason this picture makes it looker smaller than it is}

Now the next step: paint!


This post was originally published on our previous blog Discover. Create. Live., and is being republished here with it’s original date as we work on relocating all our favorite posts and memories to the same location. 

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