Plumbing Rough In

The first step of our plumbing is finally done! The “finish” plumbing apparently occurs after everything else is done (aka, toilet setting, fixtures, etc.) I guess that makes sense. Anyways, just thought I’d share a few pictures of the plumbing progress!


What was the half-bath and hallway by the stairs is now a half-bath and Laundry Room! To the left are the pedestal sink hook ups, and to the right are the washer hookups (you can see the dryer venting as well!) So excited to not have to go into the creepy basement for our laundry!


This was not part of the original plan. The kitchen sink will be in the same spot, but it turns out all the piping in our house needed to be replaced! (After looking into the disgusting cast iron that was there, I had no arguments!)


Our newly framed in Master Bathroom! Tub set, and two sink hookups ready to go (you can also still see a glimpse of the old dining room chandelier we need to take down)


The kids’ bathroom: so happy!


I actually took this after cleaning up for the dry wallers, but it shows the laundry & master bath in one shot!


As you may have guessed from the caption above, the next step is drywall. Woohoo!


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