Finding Our 6 Panel Doors

Doors. Are. Expensive. Ok, so this is another “we weren’t originally planning on…” post. I couldn’t help it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely budget-conscious, but we had saved enough in other areas, and these were such a good deal that we made it work. And I’m soo glad! You can probably already guess I found these babies on Craigslist. I must say that this is another situation that worked out amazingly well in our favor… to find to find 6 doors, all the right size AND swing, + 4 sets of bifold doors, all the right size, AND all of them matching and gorgeous, PLUS the frames for the ones I didn’t already have a frame for. How fortunate can one person be??


Yet again, I borrowed one of my dad’s company trucks to pick these up. Unfortunately, I was NOT careful loading them (thought I’d paint white at first so I didn’t think it would matter.) Whoops. Thankfully there weren’t too many scratches.


I had to set one up for a preview: they’re going to look so good!

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