We Love to Paint!

After the texturing was completed, we could finally paint! We had spent a lot of time figuring out our colors, so it was super satisfying to see it all starting to come together! We’re always looking for a deal, and I was so happy to find some great paint on sale… plus a 10% off coupon! We went with three colors: Yellow for the kids’ rooms, blue for the main bath, and a nice greige color for the rest of the house.



We only needed a gallon to cover the upper 2/3 of the main bathroom, and we used one, 5-gallon bucket of paint to apply two coats of yellow in the girls’ bedrooms {my grandma Alice did the edging, while my brother josh rolled the walls.}



Oh yeah, and we also had to paint all the trim for the house. We were going to reuse the original trim, but my dad had a ton left over from when they built their house. We ended up having to purchase a little more, but we found a great deal on it and love the result. We spread the trim out in all three bedrooms and the living room, and still had to do it in a couple of phases! We used the same de-glosser we put on our kitchen cabinets, only this time we used Valspar’s Signature Paint & Primer. Love that stuff!



James helped apply the deglosser to the leftover finished trim, but thankfully the unfinished trim didn’t need any! I took the third picture because of a light repair (not sure why the electricians thought that one random light should be out of line with the others ha!) but it also shows the finished paint and trim in the living room, ready to be installed!


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