Kitchen Cabinet Install

After the walls were finally painted, it was time to install the cabinets! Luckily my family is full of carpenters, so my grandfather and my sister’s fiance James installed them for us.



They started by marking the studs and locating the heights for the uppers. We discovered yet another can light in the wrong spot (my fault this time), but we were still able to keep the installation process moving. After getting the uppers installed, we moved on to the base cabinets. For some carpentry reasons my grandfather explained to me, we had to modify the back of our sink cabinet… glad to have people that know what we’re doing ha!



Once the base cabinets were in, we tackled the island. It required a little bit of shimming to get it level, but the grandpas got the job done! Also I should note, it’s more common to install the flooring BEFORE the cabinetry, but the instructions on our laminate flooring was very specific about not installing the cabinetry on top it it.



After installing the range hood cabinet, it became pretty clear it was too tall (aka too close to the stove)… luckily I had more spare doors from all my attempts at matching the cabinets. (We then were also able to use the taller doors on the sink base which was a win!) My grandfathers whisked the hood away to the wood shop and had it fixed up before I knew it. By the time we got it re-installed, our light had been moved as well! Now I just need to refinish the little doors to match.


SO incredible to see everything coming together, especially after all the work we put into matching all the cabinets! We also installed the bathroom vanities, but I apparently failed to get any pictures of those… but now we are ready to measure for granite!

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