Kitchen Cabinet Install

After the walls were finally painted, it was time to install the cabinets! Luckily my family is full of carpenters, so my grandfather and my sister’s fiance James installed them for us.

marking the heights & stud locations
locating the studs
whoops! looks like someone (me) marked the wrong spot for that light 🙁
after installing the range hood cabinet, we decided it was too low… luckily I had more spare doors from all my attempts at matching the cabinets!
for some carpentery reasons my grandfather explained to me, we had to modify the back of this cabinet *no big*
It’s coming together! our floor has a slight slant so they had to use shims to line up the island… oh and look, another grandfather!
my shortened range hood cabinet… they had it finished before I even got there!
much better! Oh and look, my light has been moved 🙂

SO incredible to see everything coming together, especially after all the work we put into matching all the cabinets! We also installed the bathroom vanities, but I apparently failed to get any pictures of those… but now we are ready to measure for granite!

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