Our Laminate Floor Installation

When it came time to choose a flooring for our main living space, Home Depot had a “special” flooring in stock: a gorgeous laminate from TrafficMASATER in Saratoga Hickory for only $.99/sq.ft. {They’ve since started stocking it regularly so they must have had a lot of success selling it!} This particular flooring is considered a “floating floor” so we didn’t have to worry about nails or glue: just snap & go! We chose a “premium” underlayment by AirGuard to help with noise and lock out moisture… it was one of our few “splurges” {or perhaps just a good investment?? :P} On installation day the men-folk came over to help lay it down. My grandfather brought his table saw so we didn’t have to rent one.

I layout out the underlayment according to the package’s directions, and the boys followed me with the laminate.
My brother Josh {orange} & his friend Chandler
big girl helping out in the garage
The underlayment instructions said to run it 2″ up the wall, then cut off excess flush with flooring: I believe this has to do with the moisture barrier
The flooring needed to be 1/4″ away from the walls {but flush with floor vents so there’s no gap!}
As we finished sections of flooring, we covered it with rolls of protective paper and set the sawhorses back up to continue painting trim.
This flooring had matching “transition” kits {sold separately} with two different types of transitions: you can see on completed transition into the master bedroom as Josh and I discuss the other bedrooms
The completed kitchen: we also left 1/4″ around the cabinets, which we later covered with baseboard or quarter-round



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