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Beadboard Paneling & Wallpaper + Door Install

We mentioned in a previous post that we got our cabinets from 3 different places! Some of the ways we worked to tie them all together was by purchasing new doors and painting them and the cabinets from Craigslist to coordinate with the “new” cabinets from the Outlet. Another thing that we did was to add bead board paneling throughout the kitchen {and house.} We used the “interlocking” bead board on the island and small cabinet, one large panel for the pull-out pantry, and bead board wallpaper on the laundry & kids’ bath walls and cabinets.


{Beadboard Wallpaper Inlay – doors for the kids bathroom}



When we installed the interlocking paneling, we first measured and cut to size, then glued on the panels with liquid nails. For extra security we added white finishing nails to the tops and bottoms of the panels. We waited to add the bead board to the island until after the floors and counters were installed to make sure it didn’t interfere with anything. (The picture to the left shows Wes working on the side panel for the microwave cabinet and the other two images are installing the island paneling.)


Somehow when I was purchasing the doors off Craigslist I failed to notice that two of them were “dummy doors!” Probably used together for a closet… it just meant that we had to drill in the holes ourselves. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!



Another “tweak” we had to make was to one of the drawer panels. Miraculously we managed to find the exact right size door/drawer fronts to replace all the old ones with ones that matched the new style. There was only one exception to this, but we found one that was too long, cut out the middle, and pieced it back together for a perfect fit! {And by “we” I mean my awesome grandfathers :)} After a few coats of paint the seam was much less noticeable… especially compared to how noticeable it would have been to have one random drawer front!

Our GORGEOUS door from an 1800s farm house {yeay Craigslist once again!} Our Carpenter had to put it up to get the door jamb installed correctly, but the door has yet to be “cleaned up.”


We opted to go with beardboard wallpaper for our laundry room & kids’ bathroom, both because it was significantly cheaper than actual paneling, and because it worked perfectly with our rounded corners! I simply followed the instructions on the packaging for the install: cut to size, soak in water, hang on wall & smooth out bubbles!


After we added the chair rail to the middle of the wall, you couldn’t tell it was wallpaper unless you looked close!

One of the last things we did was to install our new-to-us
6-panel bifold doors in place of the old ones. We were able to use the existing frames with a little extra hardware which was a great blessing.


Obviously a construction zone is not the most ideal place for me to bring our fancy camera, but once we’re settled in I’ll definitely be breaking it out to get some high quality “after” pictures of all our hard work!

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