New Camera & some Heart Garland

Tuesday Night we celebrated Wes’s birthday with our family. One of the gifts he received was a fancy new camera that he was kind enough to let me “play” with today. 🙂 I spent the morning reading up on the different settings & messing around and then I wanted something “official” to photograph. So I headed on over to Pinterest in search of a Valentine’s Day project and found this:


Pretty Self explanatory. I thought it looked simple & cute so I dug out my paper cutter and some colored paper I’ve probably had since middle school and got to work.


Using the ruler on my cutter I cut one inch strips.

I then started piecing it together and was loving how it was coming along…

Until I lifted it up and saw how droopy it was lol. I looked back at the picture guide and realized they cut the strips a second time – whoops.

So I started over and cut and my strips in half this time.

And then apparently failed to get “after” pictures. I guess I was just to darn excited to put these bad boys up. I chose our living room window as the lucky recipient of my multicolored garland {and removed the snow plaque.}

I ended up using 8 pieces of paper total {two each for the end colors.} Not too shabby for a little holiday decor.

I switched the direction after the blue “set” so that both ends would have the hearts facing the correct direction.


And here’s how they look on the side…

Of course throughout my day I also got in several shots of the squishy one…

Playing with her birthday present from mom & dad


It’s definitely nice to be able to get some quality pictures now! {We pretty much have just been using our phones for everything lol.} Hopefully I learn some more about all those snazzy camera settings as well to make the most out of {our} new camera. 🙂


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