Framing In The New Walls

After we finished most of the demo, it was time to call in some professionals! Based on the walls we wanted to remove, we needed to put in a pretty big beam to support the ceiling. After installing the beam, the framers did as much framing as they had time for (basically they squeezed us in a a rainy day.) Lucky for me my family is full of builders! My grandpa finished up the remaining frame work like a pro.


Examining the new beam

Standing in the kitchen looking out of what was the den (now part of the living room) window

Standing in what was the den (now part of living room) looking at the newly framed pantry and the hallway

The newly framed pantry! You can also see through to the new master bath & closet spaces (all previously dining room)

Here is where the new doors will lead into the master bath & master closet {both previously the dining room, chandelier still present}



My grandfather helped to finish up the odds and ends the framers didn’t have time for: the laundry room and kids’ closets! We’ve made a lot of progress! So excited to see it start coming back together now!

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