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Back To Homeschool 2020

It’s officially our first day back to homeschooling!! This will be my first year doing all six kiddos (though honestly, it’s not like I’ll be requiring much of the 3-year-olds.) It’s crazy how quickly they’re growing and it has been such a blessing to watch them learn more and more each year. I’m definitely feeling…

Getting Started with Reading & Math: Why Our Family Loves ReadingEggs and MathSeeds

So let’s talk the basics: Reading + Math. When we were just getting started homeschooling our oldest (Hayden, 6 years ago) I found a iPad app called ReadingEggs (which shares a site with MathSeeds.) It’s designed for ages 3 through 3rd grade: I was a little unsure of it at first, because it seemingly started…

Hello August

Hello August! ?? In just a few short weeks we’ll be starting up homeschool again, and my teacher heart has been having so much fun planning and getting everything ready ???. With all the uncertainty surrounding public schools, I’ve been getting a lot more messages about homeschooling. So, over the next few weeks I thought…