Our Homeschool Room: The Bookshelves

I could probably spend weeks in our homeschool room just tweaking all the books ha! There’s plenty left to organize, but at least they’re unpacked! I had no idea what I was going to do with our book stash when we moved (you might recall our built in desks/bookshelves we had in our last home) – but thankfully my mom had some bookcases she was no longer using that fit just perfectly in our little homeschool room! ??? The kids are sooo excited to have access to all their books again… even if they’re not yet as perfectly arranged as their mama would like ?



One of my favorite parts about this area of our homeschool room is all of the souvenirs from various places around the world. Some are from places we’ve been to ourselves, and others were brought to us by friends and family…



It is strange feeling like we can’t go anywhere right now, but I’m thankful for the adventures we’ve had, and looking forward to taking many more in the future! ??


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