Spring Break + Wedding in Arizona

It hasn’t quite been a year since we spent an amazing month in Arizona last summer, but we were called back again to be a part of Wes’s brother’s wedding! The date lined up with Hayden’s Spring Break, so we were able to make a week of it and get a little more family time in as well. This time we drove it in two days each way, instead of three: it was a little more intense on our longer “1st days,” but it was SO nice to be at our destination the day after we left instead of having to spend two nights in hotels. We rented a different VRBO this time, a little closer to Wes’s parents, and spent the first part of the week enjoying the great weather and fun parks.



On Wednesday we were finally able to do something we’ve been promising the girls for months: we all got our ears pierced! (I already had a few ear piercings, but I joined them with a couple more :)) Wes found a place called Modern Mods that had great reviews, and they were able to get us all in the same afternoon. There were a few tears, but the girls all did great and were very brave. We were so excited to get them done in time for the wedding as well!



Before the wedding, pictures were taken at a nearby park with the wedding party. The girls got to play a bit while we waited for Wes & William to finished up, and I thought it was rather amusing to watch them play in such formal attire.



The Big Day

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it was so amazing to hear Collin and Ama share their testimonies of how God worked through their lives and everything that happened to each of them to bring them together. We were so happy to be a part of their big day!


the Bro grandparents with *almost* all the grandkids!


Kaley’s 1st Birthday Party

Wes’s sister Holly timed Kaley’s birthday party for the weekend after the wedding, so much of the family in town could attend! Our kiddos loved being able to spend more time with their cousins from Texas, and of course celebrating Kaley! Holly also arranged for a traveling “petting zoo” to come for a portion of the party, so all the kids got some fun animal snuggles.



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