Our Final Days in Arizona

We’re now back home after an incredible month in Arizona, enjoying the heat desert landscape as well as getting to spend a lot of quality time with the other Bros! We have a lot of things that will be changing for us in the next few months, so I don’t know if we’ll be able to do something like this again anytime soon, but I am definitely so grateful for the time we had on this trip! {You also can read about part 1 & part 2 of our trip!}



It’s pretty rare I get to meet the any of the amazing moms I’ve met through social media in real life, but it just so happen to work out for us this time! Alex has 6 little sweeties of her own, and it was so fun to get them all together! Our rental was bursting at the seams with kiddos, and I loved every minute of it!



Pool Fun

We’ve barely been home a few days, and my kiddos are really missing being able to go jump in the pool whenever they feel like it! Having access to that water sure helped the AZ heat, and was such a great way to pass the hours!



Last Moments with Family

During our last few days we got to check out the Fat Cats arcade, celebrate Fathers’ Day with Wes’s dad, and check out the land where my in-laws intend to build their new home! Definitely some bittersweet moments as we wrapped up our trip.



Heading Home

We structured our days heading home pretty similarly to our trip down. This time we took the “southern route” home: Arizona > New Mexico > Texas > Oklahoma > Kansas > Missouri > Iowa. It felt so good to get home!



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