God’s Perfect Timing

This time of year always has me extra reflective on my life and how I can see God working in it. There are so many times in my life when I thought I had everything planned out and knew exactly what I wanted and what I thought would be best for us. This year alone has been FULL of so many things that have helped shaped my perspective on my family and our goals.



God has perfect timing, even when I can’t see the big picture from the start. The twins are one of my sweet reminders of that! When we first started having kids, I always thought what an amazing thing it would be to have twins. When we ended up adopting one of our daughters who was only 4 months older than our son, I thought maybe that was “Gods way” of giving us twins, and I let it go. I was ready to be done having biological kiddos and wanted to continue helping kids and families through foster care.



Shortly after we told our case worker we were ready to take placements again (we took a break after adopting Zoey) I found out I was pregnant. It was not something we planned or that I particularly thought I wanted for our family. Then I had some complications leading me to believe I was going to have another miscarriage, only to discover there were TWO healthy babies. God brought us twins after all and shaped our family in a totally different way that I was planning. They are my constant reminder to be thankful and patient when my plans fall apart, because God has always been faithful to lead us in another amazing direction ?✨


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