An Omaha Wedding + Iowa State Fair

This weekend Wes’s cousin got married in Omaha. Since we decided to go & make the drive anyways, we thought we would turn it into a mini vacation! We headed down a day early and spent the morning at the Omaha Children’s Museum. We had been there with the kiddos once before, when Wes graduated from Bellevue, and we knew how fun it is!



That evening was spent swimming at the hotel… quite possibly the highlight of the trip for our kiddos ha!



The next day we decided to see as much of the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium as possible before the wedding. We had visited here before as well when we only had 4 kiddos, but this was the first time with all 6! We got to see quite a few exhibits and even snuck in a train ride.



This was my first time seeing the aquarium, and we all absolutely loved it! Vivi even sang “Baby Shark” to all her favorite fishies.



The wedding that evening was absolutely lovely, and it was great to catch up with Wes’s family!



On our final day, we thought it would be fun to check out the Iowa State Fair on our way home. None of us had ever been before! I’m not going to lie: while it was fun to experience it, we didn’t really get all the hype. Everything was crazy expensive and the kids were not enjoying any of it (aside from the overpriced food.) Maybe if our little ones were older it would have been better, but we likely won’t be back anytime soon…


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