A Day in Pella

Maybe it’s because we live in Iowa, but I’ve found most people are very sweet in response to seeing us out with all our kiddos. ? I know many other “big” families often face snide remarks when they go out together, but thankfully for us that rarely happens! This past weekend we spent the day in Pella, and came across the sweetest little place: Vander Ploeg Bakery! While the kiddos were enjoying their adorable cookies, the response out front to all their cute faces lined up was amazing ????. I even had one woman ask if I minded if she grabbed a picture of their cuteness (I totally understand the urge ?)


We may have missed the Tulip Festival by a week, but there were still so many charming and beautiful parts of town to visit! The kids loved the Vermeer Mill & Gift shop. We didn’t think they’d be up for the guided tour to the top of the windmill on this particular trip, but it’s definitely on our list for the next time we visit!



We found several charming little walls and sections of town to explore. The painted tile murals were absolutely beautiful!



We of course could not leave without checking out the chocolate shop. We found the most perfect Mother’s Day chocolates at Van Veen Chocolates. The owner was very sweet and we loved the treats we got for ourselves as well!


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