Be BOLD: National Foster Care Day

May is National Foster Care Month. With over 400,000 children in the foster care system at any given time, and a new child placed into care every 2 minutes, the need for foster parents and support services is immense. The statistics are heartbreaking: foster children suffer PTSD at more than twice the rate of US war veterans, only 50% of youth in foster care graduate high school, and more than 70% of inmates incarcerated were at one point in the foster care system.

I feel like every year I share these statistics I get similar responses:

“I could never be a foster parent, I would get way too attached!”

“You go mama, I could never do that!”

“I would love to adopt a baby, but what if they only have older kids?”

“I’ve heard horror stories from my cousin’s best friend’s sister…”



Today I feel convicted to say something that I’ve been to scared to say in the past:

It’s not about YOU.



Don’t misunderstand me, not every person or family can or should do foster care. However, I feel like there are sooo many people out there who could be an amazing resource to these kiddos in need who are getting to caught up in being afraid of having to suffer any negative emotions or pain as a result of taking a chance on foster kids.

These kids need someone who will care for them unconditionally, who will “get too attached,” who are not just looking to “adopt a baby,” but actually help a child and family in need, who are willing to risk something in order to give something so much more. I won’t pretend that it’s easy. It’s not. But it’s SO worth it.

So today I’m challenging you to BE BOLD. Look up foster care in your area and just go to an information session. Start to consider the difference you could make in a precious child’s life. Stop thinking so much about how you might suffer, and think about the hundreds of thousands of children in the system already suffering. You CAN do this! ???


If you’d like to learn more about local rules and resources and find agencies in your area, start HERE



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