My 30 Day Sugar Detox with Sweet Defeat: Results & Review

If you follow us on YouTube, you’ve already seen that I have teamed up with Sweet Defeat to do their 30 day Sugar Detox Challenge! You can watch me explain more about what Sweet Defeat is and why I wanted to do a detox in this video, or scroll down to read more…

For those who may be new to this blog, I’m a stay at home mama to six little ones, 7 & under. I actually feel like in general we eat pretty well. We try to have balanced meals as a family, and I’m pretty good at making sure the kids at least are getting in their fruits and veggies.

As you can imagine though, with so many little ones running around, things can get a little chaotic sometimes. Often I will find myself turning to chocolate or a sweet treat to kind of have that little bit of an escape when I’m feeling stressed.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sweets once in a while. But lately I feel like I just don’t  have quite as much energy as I would like, and I suspect that part of that is from not having the best nutrition I could be having.


Plus I have found that once you get in the habit of eating sugar regularly, you just crave it more!


So that’s pretty much why I decided to do this 30 Day sugar detox challenge. I wanted to break the sugar addiction cycle, gain energy, and set a better example for my kids. Having detoxed off sugar in the past, my assumption was that this first week would be the hardest, and then get easier from there.

This time however,  I had the help of Sweet Defeat to help take the edge off those cravings.

Sweet Defeat is a lozenge that comes individually wrapped, so they are easy to take a few on the go. Basically you just pop one on your tongue, and as it dissolves, the ingredients bind to the sweet taste receptors on your tongue to block the sweet taste. So it helps cleanse your palette and helps the craving go away, then if you really wanted to have a bite of a cookie, it wouldn’t taste sweet! It lasts about an hour or so, which is enough time for that craving to go away!


Really my goal with this DETOX was to break that cycle of craving sugar all the time and to establish healthier habits for me and as a family. It’s much easier to encourage them to eat a certain way when we’re all doing the same thing!

I also just want to emphasize that this is not a diet product, it is not designed to make you lose weight. {I could see how you might lose weight anyways though, if you’re cutting sugar out of your diet.} Basically my focus was on healthy choices, not a specific diet plan.

So, I will admit I was a bit skeptical of how well this would work, but I have to say it actually does what it says! In the next video I share how the 30 day detox went and how Sweet Defeat helped me.  I also recorded myself trying it for the first time, which is pretty amusing! And of course, you can again scroll down for my written version of the video…

So yeah, pretty crazy how it changes the taste! I mentioned earlier that I thought the first week was going to be the most difficult, then get easier, and that did seem to be true! I was actually a little nervous when I saw that the box only comes with 30 lozenges for 30 days, because I thought I was going to want to take them all the time! After actually using them a few times however, I realized that it wasn’t even worth it to try and eat something sweet after a lozenge, because they honestly make the sweet food taste so horrible!

I would say that overall I was able to stick to the detox pretty consistently, I did end up “cheating” a little when Wes & I went on a little rare weekend getaway to Santa Barbara… We were able to find several amazing Cafes that had great looking gluten free treats, so I couldn’t help but try a couple! Other than that though, the more days I was able to go without sugar in my diet,  the less I found myself craving it.


After the first couple of weeks, I could already tell that I was much less bloated and tired. I just felt better overall going about my day!

I will say that generally speaking I am a person that really seems to react to the effects of sugar. When I have been pregnant in the past or just after giving birth I know that I have to cut out sugar because of how yucky it makes me feel and how extra tired it makes me, but I tend to downplay its effects on me when I think I can get away with it.

I don’t plan on giving up sugar forever; I still love celebrating with treats with the kids for different events. BUT, doing this detox was a big reality check for how much something as simple as sugar really does affect my day-today life and my mood and energy.

Sweet Defeat can be used daily if you are trying to detox or break a habit, or every once in a while as you feel you need it. It was absolutely great for doing the more extreme complete sugar detox for the 30 days, when I was totally committed to not having any sugar.


Moving forward, my goal is to keep to sugar to a minimum in my daily diet: I still don’t want to turn to it out of stress or boredom, but I do want to have treats at special occasions when it can be extra enjoyable. I think Sweet Defeat could be helpful for maintaining these healthy habits, especially if & when I feel that the sugar consumption is starting to get out of control and I want to start to reign it back in again.

Also, I did technically end up losing a couple of pounds during the detox. Again, it’s not a “weight loss” product, but I think it was just as a result of getting those extra calories out of my diet and the bloating going away.

So if you’re thinking you’re in need of doing a detox yourself, or really just want to cut back on how much sugar you’re eating, and need something to help support you, Sweet Defeat can definitely help to kick-start that process!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below or send me an email! You can also visit Sweet Defeat with this link for 50% off your first box if you’re wanting to try it out!

*** I received this product for free, but do not receive any type of commission if you choose to purchase ***






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