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Keranique Complete Hair Regrowth System Results & Review

Today I want to share with you my review of the Keranique Complete Hair Regrowth System. This product was sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review, and I’ve been using it for about a month to really be able to see what it’s like. So I’m excited to share with you all! You can watch my YouTube Video for a full review, or scroll down for a summary…



For just a little background on the Keranique set I was sent, it comes in a box with four products:

  • Step 1: The Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Volumizing Keratin Conditioner – These are sulfate free and are designed to strengthen hair at the scalp and in the hair itself. The Shampoo helps remove dirt and build up to prep it for the next steps. The Conditioner provides moisture without weighing the hair down.
  • Step 2: The Hair Regrowth Treatment – This product contains 2% Minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient that is clinically proven to help regrow hair in women. It is meant to be applied directly to the scalp.

As I was reading the labels before using these products, I noticed this one in particular has a warning of when not to use, including postpartum hair loss, so based on that I actually decided not to use this particular product in the kit. My understanding is that it must just be for those who have a clear & diagnosed reason for their hair loss outside of what’s listed. And I do attribute my hair’s thinning out from hormones related to having children over the past 8 years.

  • Step 3: Lift & Repair Treatment Spray – This is designed to strengthen the hair fiber to prevent hair loss due to breakage. It actually repairs hair, and seals split ends so that you can keep the hair that does grow well from breaking off. It’s also meant to help with frizz and adds shine.

So now that you have an idea of what is in this kit, I will share what I actually think of how it’s been working so far! I have to say that I’m actually glad Keranique asked us to use these products for 30 days before reviewing, because there really was a big difference between how I felt after the first time I used it, and how that changed over the next several times.

The first time I used it, I did not like how my hair felt once it was dry. It was kind of like I hadn’t washed it at all, just had a weird texture to it. I was determined to actually give it a shot though,  and complete the 30 days and just see how it went. The next few times I used it, I was more intentional with the product: I used more of the shampoo & conditioner until it felt more like what I was wanting it to feel like. Sure enough the shampoo lathered up well, my hair felt cleaner when I was rinsing it, and the conditioner actually helped soften and detangle. When I tried the spray again, I followed the directions more carefully and just did a small amount towards the roots, and then used my fingers to work it down. I also blew dry my hair instead of letting it air dry or sleeping on it wet, because the bottle said that would give it more lift.

Once I started doing it that way, I began to appreciate more how it was helping my hair. After several used I could definitely tell a difference in the softness and it also felt fuller & lighter from being properly cleaned. I do genuinely feel like my hair is softer, stronger, and appears more voluminous! Also i do still have plenty of product left, even though I felt like I was using a lot each time, I definitely plan on continuing to use it up!

For someone like me who had pretty thick hair before having kids, having it get thinner wasn’t as big of a deal as it might be to someone who started with thin or medium thickness hair. I feel like the products I sampled were enough of a boost to my hair’s health and strength, that I don’t honestly see myself needing to purchase more after this runs out. However, depending on your specific needs and where your hair is starting, and what conditions you may have, this could definitely be a great product long term. If the regrowth treatment is something that you know you are definitely interested in using, there are a couple of things to know:

  • It does contain the only FDA-approved ingredient (Minoxidil) clinically shown to regrow women’s hair, so you can have confidence in knowing it’s proven to help, BUT
  • I feel like it’s important to also know that if this treatment is something you use and then discontinue, normal hair loss will resume. So just be aware that it’s really meant to be used long term to maintain the results you get from it. Don’t let that scare you, but just be aware of the reality of it.

That about sums it up! I really did end up very happy with it overall! And I can really tell a difference. My needs for strengthening my hair are probably not as severe as some, but I still love how it helped.

This system retails for $115, but is currently on sale on the Keranique website for just under $50 with free shipping. I do not get anything at all if you chose to purchase, but I will link below if you’d like to do more of your own research on their site.

And If you guys end up trying this product or have already tried this product or have had experience with thinning hair for whatever reason, feel free to leave a comment below and share with me your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you think!


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  • Kathryn Catellier

    May 23, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Where are my products I ordered. I have beem billed for them but have not received them. I hope this is not a scam. I will nor order from your compamy again


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