Our Littlest Wonders

I was 5 months pregnant with William when we accepted Zoey as a newborn foster placement. My pregnancy with him was rough, and after he was born it was a crazy year juggling 4 kids, 4 & under while figuring out if and when we’d be able to adopt Zoey. After her adoption was complete, we took some time off from taking placements to regroup as a family. I knew that I wanted to hold off on any more biological children so that we could continue with foster care (our state allows a max of 5 kids total in the home.)



Shortly after telling our caseworker that we were ready to start taking in kiddos again however we got a big surprise: I was pregnant. And double surprise, it was TWINS! I don’t think I can fully describe the amount of mixed emotions I had with this pregnancy:  I was SO excited and grateful for the two new little lives, but I really did not want to have to go through another pregnancy again. I also knew that it meant our foster care journey would have to come to an end. The pregnancy was even more difficult than my last, incredibly exhausting, and with its own complications.



But then they were born: Harper Ora Mae and Vivienne Debra, my tiniest little babes. They have been the sweetest reminder of God’s blessings and grace in our lives, and that so many times His plans are so much better than our own. It’s crazy for me to look into their faces sometimes and know that they weren’t “planned,” but somehow that makes their being here even more incredible. They are truly our littlest wonders, and I cannot imagine life without them!



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