Fun With Squeezamals!

One of the quickest ways to put a smile on the face of any of my children is to give them something soft and squishy to call their own. That’s why when I saw the adorable Squeezamals online, I knew they would be oh so perfect for my kiddos. I didn’t even realize when I ordered them, but they are filled with some sort of thick memory foam material – So when you squeeze them, they keep their shape until they slowly expand back out! I can’t help but to squeeze them myself sometimes ha!


^ Of course when you hand over 6 soft playful squishies to six small children and tell them to sit still for a picture, craziness will follow!!



Appearance – These things are extremely adorable and have tons of “animals” and two sizes to choose from. Plus their cute rounded shape adds to the sweetness of their look!

Play Friendliness – As soon as I took them out of the box, the kids were eager to get their hands on them! They still love playing with them and keeping them close by

Affordability – The small 3.5″ is $7.99 and the larger 8″ is $19.99 – this seems pretty reasonable for what they are and how well they’ve held up!

Quality – Super plush fabric, plus durable material inside. These feel very well made and have held up to my kids well!


** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but do not receive any type of commission if you chose to purchase.



$7.99 +



Play Friendliness






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