Family Interviews: Get To Know The Kids!

I recently sat the kids down and asked them each some questions from a questionnaire I found online. Their answers were pretty cute! Hopefully this will help you get to know them just a little bit better! If you’d like to skip to their answers, I posted a summary below the video.




Interview Summaries


Hayden, age 7
  • Favorite restaurant: Pizza Ranch
  • Latest book series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Favorite part of our house: Downstairs in the Lego area of the Playroom
  • What she wishes she had more time to do: Roblox
  • Jokes: “What do you call a monkey who slips on a Banana Peel? – A slipper” *cricket*
  • Funniest word she knows: Hyperactive Peacock
Audriana, age 5
  • 3 wishes she’d ask from a genie: A kitty, a unicorn, & a dolphin
  • Favorite song: The Mystic Isles from Sofia the First
  • Favorite thing to do in our house: play with toys
  • Favorite place to go: Target… “for a treat AND a toy”
Zoey, age 3
  • Favorite food: Nuggets with ketchup
  • What she’d buy with a ton of money: her own house, her own painting, and a tent
  • Favorite store: “The ones with the little carts” (kid size that she can push herself)
  • Questions for mommy: “Whaat? no”
William, age 3
  • Favorite food: Noodles
  • Favorite store: “I like to go to the toys and get chocolate”
  • What is mommy good at: buying ice cream
  • Favorite song: God Loves You and Me, Let it Shine, “and all my songs!”
  • Favorite toy: The firetruck… he wants to go in a big one when he’s bigger!
Harper & Vivienne, age 16 months

{answered by Hayden}

  • Favorite thing to do: Watch Bubble Guppies
  • Hayden’s favorite thing about Harper: “She’s super cute!”
  • Hayden’s favorite thing about Vivienne: “She’s cute!”


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