Pacific Play Tents: Ice Cream Truck Review

There’s something about play tents that is absolutely magical as a child. My kids are no exception, and they absolutely love any type of tent to play in – whether store-bought or blanket-built. When I discovered Pacific Play Tent’s Ice Cream Truck Tent, I knew they were going to love it… possibly because I was already in love with it just from the pictures! When it showed up and they could see the picture on the box, they were SO impatient for this mama to get it assembled. Thankfully it didn’t take long to put together, and we invited cousin Tavi over for a little Ice Cream Party! We brought out a few ice cream treats and our Melissa & Doug Money Set and set up shop! {Read full review below…}





Appearance – I cannot think of a single way they could have made this tent cuter! I love the colors and amount of detail in the design. It’s also on canvas, so it doesn’t have that shiny look of many tents. I love it!

Ease of Use – The tent is assembled with a pipe frame and canvas cover. Most of the assembly is pretty straightforward and easy, but the last step is to stretch the bottom of the canvas tent around the pipe frame to velcro back onto itself. I found this somewhat difficult to pull tight enough, and had to put some real muscle into it to make secure lol! But once I had it together, it held very well. As for the kids using it, they caught on right away, and were in LOVE with taking turns “selling” the ice cream.

Affordability – The retail price on the Pacific Play Tent website is $260. This feels pretty high, even for as incredibly well made as this tent is, but a quick google search brings up lots of more affordable options through other retailers. Amazon has it listed for $130 and Magic Cabin has a sale price of just under $100 at the time of this post!!

Quality – My kids LOVE play tents, but they usually cause some kind of damage or destruction to them within the first couple days of playing with them. This was not the case with this tent. The pipe frame and canvas wrapping provide a solid structure with no opportunity for skinny poles to rip through the fabric. We currently have it set up in the girls’ room and they play in it daily!


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review and have included the buy here link for information & convenience!

PPT Ice Cream Truck Tent

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