Piki Piki Bike Review

One of the kids’ most favorite activities is riding around outside on their bikes. The three big girls have mastered the traditional bike, and William and the twins usually end up on the little scooter type bikes. So of course I was super excited when I discovered the Piki Piki Patrol Bike. I knew it would be perfect for Will, and that the other kids would definitely enjoy using it too!



Appearance – This bike is very simple, but appealing in appearance! The main body is a single mold with two attached wheels, and a front mold and wheel. The stickers add the perfect finishing touch! It comes in three colors: Blue, Red, & Pink.

Ease of Use – The only thing you need to do when the bike comes is add the stickers! My kids of different ages (15 months – 5 years) all had an easy time getting on and riding around. Very simple for little ones!

Affordability – This bike comes in at just under $70. This seems a bit high to me for as light as simple as it is, and it is a bit more than similar concept ride on bikes.

Quality – There aren’t many parts to this bike, but right away the kids were able to take the stickers off pretty easily. I was able to reapply but it would be nice if they stayed put a bit better since they add so much to the appearance! It otherwise seems to hold up really well to the roughness of toddlers so far.


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t receive any type of “commission” if you choose to purchase. I’ve included the buy here link for information & convenience!

Piki Piki Bike




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