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Having two babies can mean lots of diaper changes, so I’m always up for anything that can reduce the amount of time it takes! I was so excited to try ZippyJamz for this reason – these jammies have a second zipper just for diaper changing access! Aside from saving time, it also keeps little ones warm so theyre much less likely to fully wake up for sleepy diaper changes or get grumpy from suddenly being too cold. {See full review below…}




Appearance – I really love all of the available print options for these jammies – I had a hard time choosing! They are actually even more adorable in person!

Ease of Use – The whole point of these pajamas is that they are supposed to simplify the diaper changing process: I would say they definitely accomplish their goal

Affordability – At $25+ per pair, they are a bit more than what you can find at Target or Walmart, but they still beat the prices of department store or boutique baby pajamas – with the added convenience of easier diaper changes!

Quality – One of the first things I noticed about these pajamas is that they are super soft. The zippers are fully lined, and there is a soft fold of fabric to cover the top zipper. They are roomy enough where its not difficult to put on a squirmy baby (like many other jammies are) and they seem to be holding up well to washing!

*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t receive any type of “commission” if you choose to purchase. I’ve included the buy here link for information & convenience!





Ease Of Use






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