Pello Luxe Floor Pillow Review

While all six of our kiddos generally get along well and love playing together, they all also really enjoy some time to themselves. Typically this involves finding their own little spot to cozy up and play with their toys or look through a book. The babies in particular seem to enjoy having a defined spot to sit, often crawling into little boxes and getting a kick out of themselves. So when I saw the Pello Floor Pillow, I knew my kids would love it and was so excited to have them try it! {Read Full Review Below…}




Appearance – Plush on one side and soft cotton on the other. Several designs to choose from, though we stuck with a calming neutral.

Ease of Use – My absolute favorite thing about this pillow is that when it gets dirty you can simply place the ENTIRE thing in the washing machine! No wrestling with slipcovers to get it off and on, and the whole pillow actually gets clean. And of course to use the product you simply curl up on it – the kids love it! It also has a handle on the side for easy carrying and a pocket on the plush side for storage.

Affordability – This one was kind of a tough one for me to rate. $120 for a floor pillow feels a bit steep, but i think the phrase “you get what you pay for” definitely applies in this case.

Quality – Amazingly soft and incredibly durable even after being washed! My kids love hard on the things they play with, and this has held up well.


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t receive any type of “commission” if you choose to purchase. I’ve included the buy here link for information & convenience!

Pello Luxe Floor Pillow




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