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Lil Jammerz Bluetooth Music Set Review

One of my favorite things about being a parent is when we’re able to activities as a whole family. We love taking walks together and finding activities to attend. Sometimes though this can be a little challenging when the babies are tired or need something to distract them. This is why I was super excited to try out a new product called Lil’ Jammerz! From their site:


“Lil’ Jammerz will fit perfectly on your infant’s car seat, stroller or carrier to entertain and engage them with streaming tunes of your choice.  The leader of the band, Mazzy, is a plush, lovable microphone, with its own removable, rechargeable, Bluetooth speaker.  Her back up band, JoJo on percussion (squeaker) and Joon Bug playing guitar (rattle) are always by her side.”


The girls really loved playing with these engaging toys, and I can definitely see them being a big help for longer car rides! The video shows our first time trying them out before a family walk. {Read full review below…}




Appearance – Each of these “instruments” are brightly colored with several patterns and sweet happy faces embroidered into the fabric. Even before taking them out of the box, the kids were begging me to play with them!

Ease of Use – The instructions for syncing the bluetooth speaker with your phone or tablet are simple and easy to follow. There is a free ap to download as well, but once synced it will play from whatever sound is playing on your phone!

Affordability – The full set is $36, which is fairly average compared to other bluetooth devices for kids – plus the child can still play with it!

Quality – They toys seem well made and durable. The speaker tucks safely inside the “microphone” toy so that baby can play with it while the music plays.


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t receive any type of “commission” if you choose to purchase. I’ve included the buy here link for information & convenience!

Lil Jammerz Plush Bluetooth Music Set




Ease Of Use






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