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Aysomi Bamboo Muffle Hooded Towel Review

With 6 kids in the house, we go through towels fast around bath time. The kids love the little hooded type towels since they’re easier to wrap in. We recently tried out the Muffle Hooded Towel  off Amazon, designed to work better for older (non-baby) kids. I love the size of it – it works well for my older babies, my toddlers, and my almost 5 year old! I was also surprised at how incredibly soft and thick the fabric is! These are definitely not like the thin baby towels you can find at the store. {Read full review below…}




Appearance – These towels are plush and white with a sweet colorful cloud pattern on each end. I love that it’s not overly cartoonish but still playful!

Ease of Use – Easy to wrap up both toddlers and big kids! Normal washing instructions

Affordability – This towel is currently priced at $22. More than what you’d pay for a basic hooded towel at Target/Walmart, but cheaper than Pottery Barn’s popular baby towels. Keeping in mind that these are designed to work for several years and are super plus I’d say they’re pretty reasonably priced!

Quality – I absolutely love the quality of these towels. They are plush, soft, just the right size, and have held up well to multiple washings. They are also Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic!


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review and have included the buy here link for information & convenience!


Asyomi Bamboo Towel




Ease Of Use






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