Lulyboo Toddler Lounge Review

Having spent most of the winter cooped up inside, my kiddos love finding their own little spots around the house to cozy up. We recently received the Lulyboo Elephant Toddler Lounge, and the little ones are loving it! As soon as I pulled it out, the twins instantly wanted to climb in and play! It really makes for the perfect little cozy spot to curl up with a book or play with toys. The elephant’s ears are also crinkly, which they really got a kick out of! {Read full review below…}




Appearance – The Toddler Lounge is available in Elephant, LadyBug, Hippo, Lion, and Zebra. We chose the Elephant and I think it’s absolutely adorable!

Ease of Use – There are several well thought out aspects of this lounge that make it easy to use. The sides of the lounge actually dip down to allow a cozy spot to rest your head. The oval shape makes it easy for little ones to get comfortable. It also folds up easily with buckles to carry effortlessly with straps like a back pack when you’re on the go! The cover zips off a central foam oval for washing, which is wonderful; but my one complaint would be that it seemed a bit difficult to line up the cover just right with the dips in the foam when putting the it back on. Something that probably just takes a little more practice!

Affordability – The Toddler Lounges ring in just shy of $70. Compared to other similar products and considering its ease of taking with you on the go, I personally find this pretty reasonable!

Quality – Overall this product definitely seems pretty durable! The fabric is quite soft and it’s a huge plus that you can wash the cover in the washing machine. I did notice however that the fabric appeared ever so slightly more “worn” after washing. I also wish there were maybe a bit more padding on the bottom of the lounge and not just the foam sides. But the kids don’t seem to mind it!


*** I received this product in exchange for an honest review, but I don’t receive any type of “commission” if you choose to purchase. I’ve included the buy here link for information & convenience!

Lulyboo Toddler Lounge




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