You can’t do everything, all the time

I used to feel bad that I could never achieve what I believed to be “balance.” My idea of balance was being able to achieve all-the-things, simultaneously, with equal attention, and then I’d finally be ahead of the game. My natural tendency on the other hand is to hyper focus on a single task or project at a time, much to the detriment of everything else. I of course always assumed this was a flaw I needed to overcome…

One night Wes and I were watching a sermon from a preacher online and he said something that really caught my attention:

“You can’t do everything, all the time.”

He basically went on to explain that my ideal of what I thought balance was, is impossible and that it’s normal and even good to have one thing be the focus above others at any given time. This is something I’ve really taken to heart these passed few months, and it’s a phrase I repeat to myself often.

There are of course some things that will always need my steady attention (aka 6 kids and our house ?) but I’ve learned that it’s ok that I can’t necessarily accomplish all my other goals and projects at the same time. It has truly felt like a burden has been lifted. All that to say that’s it’s ok, and even necessary, to choose one task to focus on over others, even for an extended period of time. It’s not a sign of failure or lack of balance. The other things will always be there waiting.

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