Baby K’Tan Carrier Review

I first came across Baby K’Tan when I was still pregnant and researching baby carriers that could hold twins. Baby K’Tan does not officially recommend their product for twins anymore, but I found several articles and videos showing how it could be used for newborns {up to 10 lbs each.} I decided to go ahead and order one to try when the babes arrived. The biggest appeal for me to start with this particular brand, was that it appeared to be simple to put on and use…



Our twins ended up being born when I was 36 weeks along, at about 4 & 5 pounds: but as teeny as they were, it was pretty awkward to try and situate them both in this carrier. I’m guessing there’s a good reason the company no longer promotes the twin carrying {despite my finding the old video tutorials on how to do it!} To be fair, Wes and I were able to pull off using it with both babies several times, but it seemed like I caused them more distress than it was worth trying to “layer” them across each other most of the times I tried.



Despite it not working as well for twin-carrying as I had hoped, I have been really enjoying it for single-baby carrying! We ordered Wes a couple of his own {while trying to figure out his correct size,} so that we can each carry a babe while we’re out and about. With four other littles, besides the twins, I really did need  something I could get in and out of fairly quickly and I must say I’ve been pretty happy with my Baby K’Tan.


One thing to be careful of with this carrier, is getting the correct size. Because it’s not a traditional wrap, you order based on YOUR size for a proper fit. During the process of figuring this out, I guessed wrong the first time for Wes {I should have just measured him!} and so we ended up with an “extra” NEW size Large carrier. This particular carrier is their Active version, which is supposed to be more breathable, and has a soft mesh fabric.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share the love and give away our extra carrier! The giveaway will start on Wednesday, April 26th at 12am, and end on Monday, May 8th at 12am. {This will give me time to ship before Mother’s Day!} Winner will be contacted on Monday and will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected.

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Baby K'Tan Active




Ease Of Use - Twins


Ease of Use - Single





  • Simple to Use
  • Cheaper than Many Carriers


  • Difficult to use with Twins
  • Need a Specific Size


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