Introducing BROhaha

I am so excited to introduce a brand new project I’ve been working on… our new family blog: BROhaha!


So why the change?


I first got started in the blogging world back in October 2011: I was a stay-at-home mama with one easy-going little girl, and I was looking for something “extra” to work on. It was mostly gluten free recipes and crafts, but eventually I began to include our family as well. {If you’d like to take a look back and browse through our old posts, check out Discover. Create. Live.!}


In 2012 my New Year’s Resolution was to post EVERY week day with some new recipe, printable, project or link up. It actually went pretty well for the first several months, and I was able to generate a ton of awesome posts – some of them still the most frequently visited – including How To Lengthen A Shirt That’s Too Short and Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack.


Things started to slow down that summer with the pregnancy of our second child – it really took a lot out of me! DCL became a great place for sharing gluten-free recipes and all the projects and events going on in our lives, but I often felt like I was in “catch-up mode.” It was not uncommon for me to just abandon blogging for several months when things got more intense in our family life, then to feel like I had to fill in all the blanks if I started back up again.

I fully acknowledge this pressure was totally self-inflicted… I know that literally no one was paying attention to my little ‘ol blog THAT closely. But with that in mind, I decided it was time to take things in a new direction with BROhaha. I’ve thought about “rebranding” DCL several times over the years, but I was never sure what direction to take things. So a fresh start with a simpler focus became my new goal.


I also wanted a  blog name that was simpler and more reflective of our family… I had the idea to start by googling “words that start with bro” [Bro being our last name, of course.] Then I came across brouhaha – the definitions all vary slightly, but it’s basically  “loud and overexcited noise from many sources.”  With the addition of our twins – bringing us to six kids, six and under – I knew this was the absolute perfect fit! And so BROhaha was born…



I created this blog with an intentionally simple focus. The layout itself is fairly basic… which will hopefully reduce my temptation to need to tinker with it constantly. I’ve also decided to reduce the time I spent editing photos on just including the occasional title image {vs. every image.} As far as content, I’m no longer going to worry about frequently coming up with new ideas, but more just sharing our lives and projects as they occur – however frequently or infrequently that may be.


And of course, DCL will still be around as a resource for all the fun stuff we came up with in the past. Ideally this blog will also have a little more emphasis on our homeschool adventures, as I’m always on the hunt for new things to try out with the kiddos, and maybe even pass along if we like them.


So that’s it! Welcome to our new site, and I hope you follow along 🙂



*On a technical note: If you’ve seen our home page, you may notice I transferred over a few of my favorite posts, and re-published them with their original dates. This was mainly to serve as filler while things get started and of course to have them on this blog as a resource as well! As I get back into the blogging groove, I plan on my posts being a mix of old and new. I’d like to gradually re-share most of the recipes I shared on DCL, and probably a handful of projects. The “new” posts will likely focus on family life, trips, homeschool, etc. At some point I also hope to share the before and afters of all our home renovations we have done, but that will be as time allows.


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