They’re Here!


Our sweet girls arrived on Monday, February 6th weighing in at 4lbs 11oz and 5lbs 6ozboth 18″ long

I had gone in for my regular OB checkup and growth scan, and the doctor determined based on baby A’s lack of growth and diminished cord blood flow, we should induce that day. I had just enough time to drive home and get Wes (who had been at work) and return to the hospital.

We got settled into our room, and while I was going through the admittance paperwork and monitoring, my body decided to start labor on its own… I guess it was just time either way! I labored away the afternoon and evening, all while praying baby B stayed head down so I could avoid C-section.

Baby A arrived at 9:33pm, followed by her sister at 11:08pm. Amazingly, both were cleared from having any NICU time or assistance and we got to come home on Wednesday!



We’re all recovering well, and I’m already looking forward to spring weather so we can start taking some family walks!



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