Duggar Family in Person

Over Labor Day, we got the chance to see the Duggar Family from the TV show 19 Kinds and Counting! 

I’ve been a long time fan of their show and how sweet their family is, so I was super excited to see them in person and hear them speak/sing. There were also some other activities available while we were there: tractor wagon rides, ice cream, and we even got a chance to briefly meet Jessa! We couldn’t stay long because we needed to get the girls home in time for bed, but it was a great family outing.


we had to park a ways away, but we can prepared with our stroller {and some lunch!}

 We had a nice little picnic before the main event. The girls loved spreading out on our blanket under a tree

You can barely see the Duggars up on stage. We got to hear them speak for a little while.

tractor ride!

Jessa Duggar


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