Escaping the Cold: Arizona Feb ’13

Earlier this month we got to visit the in-laws in Arizona again… only this time Wes’s brother and his family came as well! Both of our families have been to Arizona several times before to visit, but never together, so it was definitely a treat. Wes’s parents also were just moving into the new house they just finished building, so it was fun to get to see it and to help with a few things here and there. Most of our time was spent relaxing, going to the park or grocery store,and a few random trips here and there. Definitely a nice change from being cooped up away from from the cold & snow all day back home!

The first day we obviously had to spend some serious time at the park!

Wes wanted to get a bunch of pictures of the new house… very in-keeping with the South-western style!



The new house
Staircase & entryway just inside the front door with sitting room to the right.
New sectional & TV for the living room! We’re watching a show with Aunt Holly
Collin showing off the kitchen
The backyard… I’m sure that pool will be lovely just in time for warmer weather!

We probably went to the park just down the street at least once a day. We left in the middle of a blizzard and we weren’t about to pass up taking advantage of the gorgeous weather conditions!

cousins Chase, Olivia, & Alyssa – photo courtesy Hannah Bro
We happened to see Wes’s mom & their dog Bullet out for a run, so Wes of course had to snap a stalker photo


photo courtesy Hannah Bro
photo courtesy Hannah Bro

Hot air balloons were a pretty common sitting around town, but we were surprised to see one touch down in our neighborhood!

  photo courtesy Hannah Bro
photo courtesy Hannah Bro

One of the afternoons we drove into Tempe to see some of Holly’s campus at Arizona State. Holly also had Wes pick out his birthday present from the campus bookstore {he chose a hat.} After visiting the campus, we headed over to Caffe Boa for lunch – it was delicious!

guy on unicycle, with dog on lease | Menu | Wes  peaking through the lattice – photos courtesy Holly Bro

Since this was a rare time of having everyone together, we also attempted to get a picture of the whole family. I say attempted, because the night we finally took the picture, Wes’s brother Collin disappeared! 

grandma & grandpa with all the grandkids
the whole gang {minus Collin}

While we were obviously in vacation-mode while we were there, Wes’s family still had to go about their daily lives. This gave the three of us some opportunities to sneak off and do some exploring of our own. One such trip was to Petco to check out the fishies and turtles – or “dudes” as this goof ball calls them {thank you Finding Nemo!}

Wes’s dad has a pretty sweet job driving school kids around, so before
we left the gang had met him at one of his stops to see him in action!

  photo courtesy Hannah Bro

It’s good to be home for many reasons, but as we continue to get hit with these heavy snow storms, we’re definitely longing for warmer weather!


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