Embracing Fall

Most years I dread the coming of fall.

It’s not so much because I dislike fall itself, but more because I know that the coming weeks will only continue to get colder and darker – and eventually lead to winter {which I do dislike!} This year however I feel as though I’ve been enjoying it a lot more. Maybe because we actually had a hot summer, after several years of mild seasons, or maybe I love how much our little girl loves the changing colours. Whatever the case, I quite enjoy embracing fall. Last week we took advantage of the perfect temperatures and went on a walk to my parents:

stroller + violet puppy = ready for action

such a gorgeous view!

this child was born to be outside

we made it to Grammy’s!

“no, I do not want to pose on this cute chair!”

Willows have always been a favorite of mine <3

heading home… even rocks are fascinating to this girl



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