We Have An Announcement!!

Our sweet little girl is going to be a big sister!


We found out at the end of July that we were expecting, but wanted to wait to tell the majority of my family until my sister for home from her summer long trip to Montana. So last week when everyone was gathered to welcome her home, we had a very special “Big Sister” shirt ready to go. It was great finally getting to let everyone in on the news!

This pregnancy so far has been a lot harder on me than my first time around.  I have a lot more nausea and I’m soooo tired: I spend a lot of the day on the couch. I’ve gotten a little bit better at managing the sickness – taking my B6, figuring our what foods agree with me best, and taking things slow. I’m currently 8.5 weeks along, so hopefully I only have a few more weeks of this and I can get some energy back!! 


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