Fun in the Sun

This past month has been fun, but crazy!

The last week of June we spent enjoying visiting Wes’s family in sunny Arizona. Two days after we got back from that, we spent the Fourth of July with my family, and before we even got home Wes’s dad & brother {yes, from AZ} were already in town to kick off the start of detasseling! For the past three weeks Matt {Wes’s dad}, Collin {Wes’s brother}, and Tyler {Wes’s cousin} had been staying with us while detasseling was going on. In the middle of that, I had the last of my jaw/post implant surgeries last Monday and a follow up visit a couple of days ago. {SOO glad to be done with that!!} So with all that’s been going on, I’ve definitely gotten out of my routine, but hey it’s summer! Anyways, today is literally the first day since mid June we’ve not had anything planned and can finally say we’re getting “back into the swing of things.”  


Little girl definitely loves the water! 
Anyone else have any exciting things going on this past month? 
I can’t wait to catch up with everyone!


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