4th of July Fun!

This year for the Fourth we drove up to the Lake the night before and headed home right after the fireworks. {Wes and his silly job!}

We started the morning off with a boat ride while it was still relatively cool, then lined up to watch the parade. Our afternoon was spent lounging around the house, having fun outside by the playground/water & playing games with the family. Then of course we watched some amazing fireworks before heading home. Overall, it was a pretty fun day!

This girl loves the sand!

so playful <3

the beachgoers

starting to get hot, but not slowing down!

here comes GG & grandpa!

sweaty baby!

relaxing on the swings

hey look, a new toy

maybe we should head in…

look at those rosey cheeks!

time for a little game action 🙂

mama snuggles <3

nothing like ending the day with a beautiful sunset… except for the fireworks coming up!


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