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3 Year Anniversary!!: A Recap of our Honeymoon

Last Month Allie over at A Thousand wonders asked if I would do a guest post for her while she was on vaca and the topic was “my favorite vacation ever” – I chose my honeymoon! In honor of it being our 3-year wedding anniversary today, I thought it would be the perfect time to share it on my own blog for anyone who hasn’t seen it already!

For our honeymoon we stayed at Dreams Resort in Punta Cana of the Dominican Republic. My husband and I didn’t live together before we got married, so this was not only our first trip together as a married couple, but it was also our first trip alone, together, anywhere! It was definitely a very special time for a lot of reasons. The resort was all inclusive and absolutely gorgeous, I loved almost everything about it.




I say almost because the one thing I had problems with was the food. Just a few months before we got married, I found out I have Celiac Disease – which long story short means I have to eat a gluten free diet. They had plenty of stuff I could eat {fruit, meat, veggies are all fine} but since I was so new to the diet, I guessed on some items… and was wrong lol. There was one restaurant in particular that caused some serious pain, but overall the food was pretty darn good. My favorite item was definitely the fresh pineapple – it even won my hubby Wes over, who up until that point swore he hated it.




Each night, the resort had themed entertainment and other activities available. One of the most humorous shows was the “night of the stars” where they impersonated different popular American singers/rappers. They also happened to be showing Mr. & Mrs. Smith one of the nights… pretty much my favorite movie ever… and so we got to watch that together as well.




Now that you’ve had a “tour” of the resort and it’s amenities, you can check out all the pictures of us at the resort and hopefully have a feel for where we’re at. The first picture that shows us “waiting at the airport” is actually at about 5am the morning after our wedding. Because of the weirdness of the timing of flights to the Dominican the only way to get there without having to spend a day’s layover somewhere in Florida was to drive through the night up to Minneapolis to catch an early morning flight. It may seem kind of weird, but we just wanted to get there!




So that’s it! We were there for just over a week and got to come home to unpack and start making our house a home!


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