Spring is Here!

Words cannot express how happy I am that it’s finally getting nice out again!

I think my child would live outside if we let her. We go on walks just about every day now, and the past couple of times I thought it would be fun to capture a few pictures along the way.

She loves doing stairs all by herself 🙂

“I think I’ll run in circles now”

not a big fan of standing on the retaining wall…

daddy keeping his little girl safe!

“doggie!” her first word besides mama/dada – she LOVES doggies 🙂

beautiful pond along our walk

this little stinker refuses to get up on her own 😛

taking “big steps” with daddy

my little dancer <3

happy grandma 🙂



apparently daddy taught her to throw rocks…

excited to see her aunty!

we found her!

“lets go!”

thirsty after a long walk

sweet girl

this child has an obsession with walking back and forth over thresholds 🙂

Lexi & her new lens! {recognize that camera strap cover??}

Heading home… little girl loves to help push 🙂


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