Arizona Day 3: Touring & Fine Dining


Day three of our trip Holly & her parents needed to visit her college to finalize the details of her transfer and get ready for her classes.  While they were gone doing that the rest of us enjoyed a leisurely  morning relaxing at home {I got in a little blogging & photo editing woot woot:)}.

Holly’s photo @ her new campus!

Photo credit: Holly Bro ~ this little cutie loved playing out by the pool {with LOTS of supervision}

When they got home, we got to tour a few home with Wes’s aunt Paula who is a real estate agent. It was cool to see some of the variety of home styles available!

Wes’s brother, Collin, and their cousin exiting the office for the model homes 

After looking at some of the model homes, Matt drove us around to a few different areas to get a better feel of the different neighborhoods. I love how different the landscaping is! It’s hard to really capture through pictures, but it’s very neat {as in how it is laid out} and southwestern {is that overly obvious??}.

This kid has done a lot of sleeping in the car. Such a trooper!

Later that evening we went to the Elephant Bar Restaurant – it was delicious! Wes and I split a steak and shrimp {he ate all the shrimp, as I’m not a big fan}. This restaurant, like many of the restaurants there, was very familiar with the whole gluten free thing and it was pretty easy to find something to eat. The have a HUGE menu and lots of options to choose from.

the exterior and interior were covered in animal prints – LOVE

a family picture while we were waiting to be seated <3

While we were eating, Wes’s parents got a call that his grandmother had fallen and needed to be taken to the hospital for evaluation, so we went straight there after our meal. Thankfully she turned out to be just fine! Overall though, a very relaxing day.

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