Arizona Day 2: A Hiking Trip


On our second day in AZ we went on a nice hike in the mountains followed by a visit to a little western themed town. It was great to be in the gorgeous outdoors soaking up the sun’s rays… It also reminded me how out of shape I am… ha! {It wasn’t really too bad 🙂 }

trying out the “baby backpack”!

A few shots on the way up… {hard to capture how pretty it really was!}

we found a nice little rest spot

Wes and I posin’ with a cactus

Holly admiring the view

the two love birds

the photographers capturing the love birds

checking out the area with some binoculars {I know we’re all standing awkwardly, but it’s such a weird sensation looking through the binoculars while standing on a cliff!}

We made it! Love this picture of us… even if Im in a shadow haha


Wes’s scenery shots… I like his better 🙂

A short distance from the hiking path we stopped at Goldfield Gold Mine for some lunch and to check out the little Western themed town. The gang got burgers and chicken fingers while little girl & I enjoyed some ice cream {It was SO good!}

Wes’s pic – I love how the focus is all on the food

Holly & Deb catching up with us

a few of the buildings

hahaha… an amusing cigarette butts holder… baby girl looks a little unsure 

another shot of the “town”

After our hike, we headed back to the house and spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing. It was wonderful.

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  • Sandym

    January 4, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    THANK you for posting the pic's…..Little Hayden under the sink is my favorite "scenery" shot, reminding me of how you used to put Jaci in the cabinet under the microwave (and shut the doors)…..  She never seemed to mind 🙂  must have been cozy! 


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