Arizona Day 1: Picking Oranges

Wes’s family is in the process of moving down to Arizona, and this week we have the pleasure of visiting them!

Yesterday we got to visit their church and took a tour of some of the surrounding neighborhoods. When we got home we relaxed by the pool for a while and then went for a nice evening walk to pick some oranges. – I can’t believe how gorgeous it is here in January! I knew there wasn’t much grass, but they make up for it with lots of other green plants, including orange trees everywhere. It’s lovely. Here are some pictures from our walk:

little girl did great in her stroller – she loves walks!

so precious

las montanas!

we stopped for a little photo op along the way… & were also amused @ the bicycle guy’s helmet

Wes’s dad Matt picking oranges at a different spot on our way home

And here’s Wes’s parents’ current rental {where we are staying with them}… I’m loving the southwestern architecture!


Today we went for a nice hike in those mountain areas, it was around 82 degrees I believe. More on that to come later!

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